About Us

Incorporated in 2005, Premier Log Homes Ltd was established to supply an ever-increasing niche market for log type structures.

We are a small but effective family business whose sole aim is to provide a quality product without a premium price tag! Our products are sourced from a manufacturer who has achieved ISO 9001:2008 Standard for their quality management systems, which fits in with our ethic of providing quality products.

Our partner mill is a production company that values an eco-friendly and healthy living environment, and have recently achieved FSC (C-108038) certification for its products that contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

This mill has over 12,000 m² of production and warehouse area, and their 25 years of manufacturing have seen them produce over 4000 log houses! Working together, we are able to produce pretty much anything for our clients!

All products manufactured are machined from high quality and highly valued northern wood. The high quality of the raw materials ensures a good finished product, as this can only be achieved by using the best raw materials.

Modern automatic CNC production lines are used in the manufacture of our buildings and being computer-controlled, you can rest assured that every component will be present. The other main advantage of this production technique is the fact that there is no need to pre-assemble the building in the factory, this technique is still used by some mills and is incredibly outdated.

We offer a range of service levels from supply only for self-build, through to a full turnkey solution. For our full turnkey solutions, we always endeavour to use local skills (electricians, plumbers, plasterers and painters) where possible, this has a number of advantages such as reducing the labour cost by not having to charge the client travelling, board and lodging fees and such like. The other reason is that should the need for warranty work arise, the trades involved in the build would have been local and this reduces the risk of lengthy call out times.

As it currently stands, we may well be the only company offering full building regulation compliant log homes. There are a number of ‘log home’ businesses advertising their products, but not to the specification and standard that we offer. So choose wisely as your investment may well turn out to be a liability rather than an asset!

Kind Regards

Lee Johnstone (Managing Director)

Lee Johnstone Premier Log Homes