Mobile Compliant Range

Exceeding mobile standards

Not everyone wants or needs a home constructed to building regulation standard

Welcome to our Mobile compliant log home range. We have been supplying quality log homes for a number of years now and all with full building regulations approval. Not everyone wants or needs a home constructed to building regulation standard, so we have decided to transfer our skills and knowledge to a different sector – Mobiles.

Unlike traditional ‘mobile’ buildings, we insulate the floor and the roof to building regulation levels – as standard, and also use residential grade UPVC doors and windows as standard on our Partial Build and Full Turnkey options. This gives you a much better insulated building, which means lower running costs.

There are two standards to which mobile units are constructed too. Firstly, we have EN1647. This is the standard to which the conventional holiday lodge/static caravan is manufactured too. Secondly, we have BS3632. This is the standard that Residential Park Homes are usually constructed too and is considerably better than EN1647.

You may of heard of ‘U-Values’. This is effectively a ‘rating’ that is attributed to each section of any building and shows thermal performance, or heat loss for these sections, the lower the number, the better the efficiency.

Typically, the main sections are; Floor, Roof/Ceiling and Doors & Windows. The following chart shows what we are achieving.


As you can see – we exceed on ALL of the shown elements.

So, if having a better insulated building with reduced running costs wasn’t enough, what about the other advantages and benefits of living in a solid log cabin..

A log house gives Ecological, healthy living for the whole family. The clean, natural wood means also less chance of allergies. 

Materials Matter

We use the best quality, arctic pine and spruce from Northern Finland. This close grained timber is the strongest and most durable construction material for LOG HOUSING.

PEFC certificated wood sourced from well-managed, sustainable certified forests. CE quality certification ensures the use of highest-quality materials.

Environmentally friendly – due to woods’ natural absorption of CO2 through its’ entire life span.

A safe and resistant construction material in many different conditions: rugged terrain, extensive heat (fire resistance), earthquake zones, heavy snow-loads and extreme weather conditions.

A log Home is a natural, organic and unique product. It’s warmth and elegance is well suited for both modern and classical style architecture.

Economically efficient – log is lighter than stone or concrete. Also quicker to construct than a stone house which means lower energy consumption and costs during transportation and construction.

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