Frequently Asked Questions

Clear answers to your most commonly asked questions

Where can I view your buildings?
Premier Log Homes do not have a show site for clients to view. The buildings showcased on this site, have been built or are due to be built in this country. Buildings are usually sold from a plan, much like purchasing a new home. Subject to our client’s permission, we can arrange a site visit to view our buildings, however, to view projects that are currently active please visit the portfolio page.
Why are there no prices on your website?
There are a large number of factors that will influence the cost of our buildings, such as log type chosen, level of service required and quantity required. Please fill in our short contact form with your query and an indicative price list will be emailed to you.
Do I need planning permission for my building?
In short, yes. The majority of our buildings are effectively houses – just built from logs. We have our own architect who has vast experience of our buildings and the planning procedure, so can offer this service too.
Does my building need to comply with building regulations?
The chances are you will probably need building regulations approval. This is very much dependant on the intended use but the basic rule of thumb is anything over 30 SqM will require building regulations. We use our architect to prepare building regulations applications, together with a structural engineer and an energy consultant. This is another service we can offer too.
What is your ordering process?
Once we have agreed on a design for your log cabin, an offer is made and the level of service is agreed upon. A staged payment plan is then drawn up. The deposit is paid and the mill begins the drawings for the client to study and approve, with our guidance. If the cabin is a new design, then we arrange for a computer image to be created, that gives a very good visual idea of  how the finished building will look (there are some examples of these in our gallery). Within 8 weeks of the deposit being paid the logs will be ready to deliver and, providing the necessary groundworks have been completed, we can begin the process of construction.
What if I do not like any of the buildings on your website, do you offer a bespoke service?
All of our buildings are designed in close collaboration with the client and, as the versatility of these buildings is vast this makes every project bespoke.  
What do I need drawings for, and why do I have to pay for them?
Drawings will be required for planning applications and our architect charges us for this service. We always deduct any fees paid in drawing preparation from any future orders.
What site preparations do I need to do beforehand?
All buildings will require a base, the type of base needed will depend on the type of building purchased. The majority of buildings will require some form of mechanical offloading, however, in some cases, it may not be possible for the client to source such equipment. In these cases, subject to extra charges, a lorry equipped with a mechanical arm will deliver your building. For the larger structures, crane hire will be necessary, so good access is paramount.
What do I have to do to look after my building?
We use a specialist paint which is sprayed onto the logs under high pressure and is a dual coat system. The south-facing walls of any building will usually require a little maintenance after a period of about 6 years. However, there a large number of alternative treatments available.
Can I get a mortgage or finance for my building?
These buildings are classed as ‘non-standard construction’, so it is unlikely that you would be able to obtain a conventional high street mortgage. We are able to put clients in touch with lenders who may be able to offer finance, subject to status.
Can I get insurance for my building?
The majority of buildings should be covered by normal household insurance. Please consult your insurance agent for more details.
What guarantee do you offer with your buildings?
This very much depends on the level of service that the client chooses from Premier Log Homes.
What are your terms of payment?
This depends on the size of the project, each client, subject to the relevant credit checks, will have a formal offer sent to them, detailing all payment terms and conditions.
Can you find a plot of land for me to site my building?
Unfortunately no, our business is limited to the supply of buildings only.