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Log Types

To provide you with the wall material of your liking, our mill has developed a wide range of different solid and laminated log profiles.

The size, style and type of log used will depend on a number of factors, such as personal choice, intended use of building and budget.

Some clients prefer the look of natural cracking and splitting that is more common with the planed log profiles. This is not detrimental to the building in any way. For those who prefer a less natural look, then the laminated log is the way forward. Timber naturally splits from the heart, outwards. The timber used in laminated logs is glued together under extreme pressure with the heart of the timber facing inwards, thus eliminating the appearance of natural cracking, although not entirely!

The product range includes 27 different log profiles either from spruce or pine material. As detailed below:

Square Planed Log



Square Laminated Log



Round Planed Log



Round Laminated Log



We can also offer a choice of log jointing methods; illustrated below. We have the traditional interlocking joint, a square corner joint, known as the ‘city corner’. For buildings that require internal log walls, we can offer a dovetail joint and for buildings that require different angles, such as a bay window, we can offer logs cut to any angle. 




FSC® (c-108038) certified – We offer FSC® certified materials in our products and the mill has undergone FSC® certification, which means that the material handling has passed the certification and as a result, we have the right to sell these FSC®-labelled materials.